Joint mobilization is an extremely effective treatment for many symptoms.  The mobilization is also known as an “adjustment” and can be described as a quick, gentle maneuver that is targeted towards a segment of the spine that is not moving properly.  A joint that is stuck is labeled as dysfunctional and these dysfunctional joints can greatly impact the nervous system. can manifest in many and symptoms including:

– Muscle tightness/spasm

– Soreness or achiness

– Inflammation

– Burning or tingling

– Decreased nerve function

Nerves exit the protection of the spine by passing between two spinal segments.  If there is a dysfunction of a segment, the nerve that exits at that point often can become irritated resulting in one or more of the above symptoms.  Often times, except in the case of injuries, the longer the dysfunction remains, the more intense the symptoms can become.  Identification of these dysfunctions is critical for proper correction of symptoms.  Many other therapies treat the symptoms of dysfunction rather than the problem itself, leading to only temporary relief.  Joint mobilization is a powerful tool and may be just the thing to decrease even your longest lasting symptoms.

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